An Alternate Ending to ‘The Hills’ To Air on MTV

Over the past three years the Kardashian klan, The Real Housewives of [Insert Any City Here], and Honey Boo Boo have given us our fill of reaility TV, but nothing will ever take the place of the show that first stole our hearts: The Hills. And yes, it has been Three years since we last saw Lauren, Whitney, Audrina and the La La Land gang. Feeling old, yet? Yeah us too. But fear not Justin Bobby-lovers — we’ve got some very exciting news for you!

The earthshatteringly awesome reality series is coming back for more! Entertainment Weekly just spilled that MTV will air an alternate version to the ending of The Hills. Please excuse us while we take a moment to wipe away our mascara-filled tears of joy.

As you should all remember, the series finale of The Hills, showcased spotlight-stealer Kristen Cavallari instead of our previous, and most beloved protagonist, Lauren Conrad. The controversial finale episode shocked fans when it was revealed that Cavallari and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Brody Jenner, were actually saying their goodbyes on a Hollywood set — thus proking fun at the rumors of whether or not this reality show was even real.

Get excited Team Lauren fans! In an attempt to remind us how great reality TV used to be, MTV is treating us to a different take on the ending of The Hills  featuing the one and only “LC”. This alternate ending will air Friday, July 9 at 11:30am ET as a part of “RetroMTVBrunch.” But the good news doesn’t stop there! MTV will also be airing mega marathons of Laguna Beach and The Hills starting July 8. 

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