Amandla Stenberg’s jazz roots made her a perfect fit for Netflix series The Eddy

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg was the perfect choice to star in Damien Chazelle’s new Netflix jazz club drama The Eddy, because she’s named after a Miles Davis album.

The actress reveals her mother was a big fan of Davis and when she learned the title of his Amandla album was inspired by an anti-apartheid “rally cry” in South Africa, she knew she had found her daughter’s name.

“I was named after a Miles Davis album, and that album was named after a concept that is very powerful and big, which is ‘Amandla’ in South African means power to the people,” Stenberg explained during a recent SAG Foundation Conversations interview.

“It’s an anti-apartheid rally cry there. I think Miles Davis took inspiration from that and entitled his album after that. My mom, who loves Miles Davis, named me after both.”

Chazelle’s new project was a natural fit for The Hunger Games star, who grew up listening to jazz.

“To be able to sing in this show was super exciting to me,” she added. “Every single day I got to be around these world class jazz musicians who set the tone of the set and would perform every day. It was a real pleasure and passion…

“Everyone would hang out an hour after we wrapped because there would be a concert. Everyone wanted to enjoy the music together. It was very magical.”