Anna Camp is Not Leaving ‘The Mindy Project’ and More TCA Scoop


The Mindy Project is arguably one of the funniest and most entertaining freshman comedies to come out of 2012 television premieres — and creator, executive producer, and star Mindy Kaling totally knows it. “We just get extra days and extra money for stuff, do you?” Kaling boasts to her network neighbor Zooey Deschanel at Tuesday’s FOX comedy panel for the Television Critics Association.

She was kidding of course! But Kaling’s popularity was hard to deny in the room full of reporters in Pasadena. Actors from Raising Hope, Ben and Kate, and New Girl graced the stage at the Langham Hotel, but The Mindy Project was by far the most requested show.

Kaling discussed the recent casting switch-a-roo moving Anna Camp from a regular to recurring cast member. “Her part on the show hasn’t changed in terms of stories just because so much of it takes place in our workplace, so we weren’t using her that much… like one day a week or two days a week.”

The showrunner continues, “She actually was the one who was interested in coming to do a pilot and still doing the show. So we though yeah that’s great… we’d love to see her do other stuff.” Co-star Ike Barinholtz adds, “We’re still planning on using her in a ton of episodes!” Basically the Pitch Perfect star is so awesome that Kaling feels bad that’s she’s hogging her on The Mindy Project. Aww that’s sweet!

In other casting news, Kaling confirmed that comedic A-lister Seth Rogen is set to guest star on a sure-to-be hioarious upcoming episode, “The One That Got Away.” Kaling reminds reporters that this is not the first time she’s worked with Rogen, “I’ve known Seth since The 40 Year Old Virgin which I did like seven yeras ago and we spent a couple days together on that so I was in a movie of his in May called The End of The World where I play myself and I get killed in the apocalypse.”

So what exactly is Rogen’s role in Kaling’s dysfunctionally funny world? “He is coming in to do an episode where he was my first kiss that I met at Jewish summer camp… and there are some interesting twists about what has happened to his character since the time I saw him.” You all know what that means: be prepared for some flashbacks! The actress says, “Right now we’re casting for these younger versions of ourselves which is really weird and fun.” We personally cannot wait to see what mini Mindy is going to do in this episode!

New episodes of The Mindy Project return to television tonight, Tuesday, January 8, on FOX.

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