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Antonio Banderas: ‘I’m a Woman’

Antonio Banderas stunned Americans on Saturday night by revealing he’s a woman on live TV.

The Spanish actor stripped off his suit during his opening monologue as host of Saturday Night Live, revealing a pink dress and knee-length leather boots and declaring he’s sick of being hailed a “macho man.”

The fun-loving movie star said, “Probably tonight is the beginning of the end of my career… After the show finishes I will not only be deported from this country but there is a strong possibility that they won’t allow me back into mine.

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“But, you know what, I am tired of being called a Latin lover, a macho man; I am not an object.

“You will understand why I’m saying this once you know the truth… I am in fact a woman. My real name is Guadalupe, but you can call me Lupita, or as some people know me, Puss in Boots.

“I have so much conflict over the past several years. As a man, I was living a lie, as a woman I am obviously less attractive but it is what it is.”

Banderas further showed off his comedy skills on the show as Mexican President Vincente Fox, a stupid game show contestant and a Latino soap hunk, among other characters. He also reprised his role as Zorro in a hilarious skit in which he insisted on a kissing stand-in for romantic scenes.

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