Are the Love Triangles on ‘Nashville’ Getting Out of Hand?

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If you say you watch ABC’s Nashville for the music, you’re a liar. While the music is fantastic, of course, the show focuses much more on the drama — specifically the love drama — in the characters’ lives. We might love watching Nashville as a guilty pleasure, but can we all agree that the love triangles are getting a little out of hand? Let’s break it down.

There are two major love triangles — although when we say triangle, we really mean any love web involving three or more people — the one in which Rayna is involved and then the one involving Juliette.

When the show began, there was a very simple love triangle between Rayna, Teddy, and Deacon. But since Rayna and Teddy got divorced, the country music star has gotten involved with Liam and now Luke Wheeler. Meanwhile, Teddy is now remarried to his old ex-girlfriend, Peggy.

Then there’s the Juliette triangle. Juliette is good friends with Avery now (and might be falling for him), who is back with Scarlett, who is on tour with her ex Gunnar, who slept with Scarlett’s best friend Zoe. However, Juliette also slept with Charlie Wentworth, whose wife, Olivia, also proposed to be Juliette’s lover. So that makes it a love heptagon. Wow. We might need a diagram to keep it all straight.

While we know love can be messy, and love on dramas like Nashville is especially messy, it seems every character in the main cast is involved in some kind of relationship web. Except Rayna’s sister, Tandy, of course.