Ariana Grande joins hero Jim Carrey for ‘Kidding’ guest role

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande joined Jim Carrey for a pixie dust-infused cameo on the latest episode of his series Kidding on Sunday (February 23, 2020).

Directed by Michel Gondry, who previously teamed with Carrey for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the episode features the Side to Side hitmaker as Piccola Grande, the Pickle Fairy of Hope.

Grande appeared in two musical segments, including the Broadway-style track Stick Together, which also featured Carrey and co-star Catherine Keener.

The singer announced the appearance last August (2019).

“Nothing is crazier than getting to work with and spend time with someone whom you’ve idolized and adored since before you could speak,” she wrote alongside an image of herself and Carrey embracing.

“Actually, what’s even crazier is discovering that person to be more special and warm and generous in person than you ever could’ve imagined.”