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Ashton Kutcher Proud of Explosive Hugh Jackman Prank

Punk’d creator Ashton Kutcher has just staged his most ambitious TV prank ever–making actor Hugh Jackman think he’d accidentally blown up director Brett Ratner‘s Hollywood home.

Kutcher admits he was “wicked” and “evil” when he picked on the X-Men star–because Jackman really thought he’d wrecked the Rush Hour director’s multi-million dollar home.

The Punk’d presenter explains, “We do some nasty stuff. This year we blew up somebody’s house… We got Hugh Jackman this year… We blew up Brett Ratner‘s house and made him feel like it was his fault, so it’s sorta hard.”

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Kutcher also enjoyed playing a practical joke on R&B sensation Ne-Yo.

He adds, “We had a ransom drop, where we put a couple of million dollars in a briefcase and had him find it and then like brought in the cops and said that he kidnapped the baby.

“That is kinda gullible, though–I mean who gets caught in a ransom drop?”

But Kutcher admits he’s still after one big “get”–heavyweight rap mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight: “We tried… We were gonna go for it but the police said we couldn’t.”

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