April Ludgate Reacts to Aubrey Plaza’s MTV Movie Awards Stage Crashing… in GIFs

Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC

Aubrey Plaza did a strange, strange thing during Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards. Presumably to promote her upcoming film The To Do List (which she had scrawled across her chest), Plaza rushed the stage while Will Ferrell accepted his award for Comedic Genius and tried to steal it from him. Ferrell played along — sort of — but Plaza looked dejected all the same once she was safely back in her seat. 

Whether it was a planned stunt gone awry or a moment of ill-advised drunken enthusiasm, Plaza’s spotlight stealing was clearly the lowlight (in a love to hate it, kind of way), of the night. And no one would have more disdain for Plaza’s social awkwardness than her misanthropic character from Parks and Recreation, April Ludgate.

Here we chronicle April’s reaction to Plaza’s faux pas… in GIFs. 

When April first saw Will Ferrell take the stage to accept his award, she was all…
April Ludgate, Parks and Rec

But then, as April watched her doppelganger spring from her seat in the first row and run up the stairs to the stage, she became all…
April Ludgate Shocked GIF

As April watched Aubrey begin a tug-of-war with Ferrell, she became a bit more…
April Ludgate exasperated gif

And when Ferrell asked Aubrey if she was okay, April’s exasperation turned to…
April Ludgate Help gif

April thought the worst was over when Aubrey returned to her seat, but then she had to go and kick over her drink. April was like…
April Ludgate stabbing scissors gif

And then, Ferrell had the gall to try and make things better by announcing Aubrey by name and semi-acting like the whole thing was planned. April, who obviously knew better, reacted with a…
April Ludgate horrified gif 

At long last, the camera cut away from Aubrey and it was all over. April was like…
April Ludgate is not impressed gif 

And she did the only thing she really could do…
April Ludgate drinking on Parks and Rec gif 

And then, all was right with the world once again. 
April Ludgate alcohol gif 

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