The 12 Best Girl Power Moments on ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones has some of the fiercest females on TV. Never underestimate a woman with pet dragons or a little girl with a sword. The upcoming season 5 promises even more kickass moments from Daenerys, Arya, et al. In the newly released trailer, when Varys tells Tyrion the kind of ruler the kingdom needs, Tyrion replies, “Good luck finding him.” To which Varys says, “Who said anything about him?” Our thoughts exactly. Let’s look back at all the moments these women proved their strength. We haven’t yelled “Girl power!” this much since the Spice Girls.

1. When Daenerys commanded her dragon to burn some sexist ruler to a crisp.


2. Every time Ygritte showed Jon Snow who’s boss.


He betrayed her, she put three arrows in him.

3. When Arya vowed revenge on everyone who wronged her.


And then left The Hound for dead.

4. When Brienne kicked The Hound’s ass.

She fought a BEAR. She could definitely fight him.

5. When Daenerys walked out of the fire with her dragons.


6. Every time Cersei manipulates someone to get what she wants.


You may hate her, but admit it – you wouldn’t want to cross her.

7. When Sansa slapped this little brat.


8. Margaery Tyrell’s stop-at-nothing ambition to be Queen.


Got to admire a girl who knows what she wants.

9. The way Catelyn tried to protect her family.


Still not over the Red Wedding.

10. Whenever Melisandre uses her powers.


Ok, so she kind of scares us. But she’s super powerful and looks amazing in red.

11. When Olenna Tyrell poisoned Joffrey.


She may be old, but grandma gets it DONE.

12. When Daenerys said this:

You go, girrrrl!

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