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15 Best Luke and Lorelai Moments on ‘Gilmore Girls’

As we shirk all life responsibilities to rewatch every season of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, let us pause to reflect on the great love story that was Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham). The backwards-baseball-cap-wearing diner owner and the highly-caffeinated fast-talking single mom had a will-they-or-won’t-they romance that will go down in TV history. We’re taking a look back at all their best moments together – from that first cup of coffee to their first kiss and beyond! (We’re still kind of bitter we never got to see their wedding…)


1. The first (er, sixth) cup of coffee.

From the very first episode, Luke was looking out for Lorelai’s well-being. Ok, so he gave in and poured her a sixth cup (she’s quite persistent), but you could tell the love was there.

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2. Luke’s “fake” proposal.

C’mon Luke, be real. You weren’t trying to shut her up, you were trying to see what she’d say.

3. The first almost-kiss.

In this episode from season 1, Lorelai offers to help Luke paint the diner and they have an almost-kiss moment while bonding over paint swatches. So close! Later, Lorelai loses a baby chick in her house and calls Luke over to help her find it. He thinks she called him over for other reasons.

4. The Santa burger.

Luke, who rarely gets festive about anything, makes Lorelai a Santa burger to cheer her up after she’s univited to her parents’ Christmas party. This is also the episode where Richard ends up in the hospital and Luke comforts a distraught Lorelai. You may remember Emily confronting Luke about their relationship status. “We’re friends, that’s it,” Luke says, unconvincingly. “You’re idiots, the both you,” Emily replies. Truth. 

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5. Luke builds Lorelai a chuppah.

It was a grand romantic gesture…too bad he built it for her wedding to another guy! Even after Lorelai broke off her engagement to Max, she always kept the chuppah in her yard. Can’t let craftsmanship like that go to waste.

6. That time they pretended to be a married couple.

Well, it was Lorelai pretending mostly. And she had a lot of fun with it. Luke’s uncomfortable reactions made it all the more funny.

7. Luke comforting Lorelai.

When she had doubts about opening her own inn, he was there to support her and assure her she would not fail. This moment still brings tears to our eyes.

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8. The waltz.

“Luke can waltz!” Luke brings Lorelai to his sister’s wedding and they share the sweetest dance of all time.

9. Every moment Lorelai became flustered around Luke in the season 4 finale.

She thought maybe she was dating Luke, but she wasn’t sure. And that turned her into a total klutz around him. It was adorable.

10. The first kiss.

It was perfect – from the yelling at each other to the “would you just stand still?” to the naked, screaming Kirk interrupting them. Squeeing fans could be heard from miles away.

11. The first date.

Luke was all in. For God’s sake, he kept that horoscope in his wallet for eight years! He was not messing around.

12. Luke builds Lorelai an ice skating rink.

What can we say? The guy liked to build things. This grand gesture was way more fun than a chuppah, though.

13. When they reunited after their (first) breakup.

Lorelai was so sad. We’d never seen her that sad. And we were sad too, because Luke and Lorelai belong together! Thankfully their breakup in season 5 was short-lived.

14. Lorelai proposes.

Take that gender stereotypes! Lorelai asked Luke to marry her at the end of season 5. Of course we had to wait until the next season to find out his answer. He said yes. Duh. (We’re choosing to forget all that stuff that ultimately derailed this wedding. *cough* Luke’s long-lost daughter *cough*)

15. Their kiss in the series finale.

After torturing fans by keeping them apart for most of the final season, Luke and Lorelai finally found their way back to each other by series’ end. We can all breathe a sigh of relief…and continue to imagine what their wedding would have been like.

The series is chock-full of many, many more delightful moments between this one true pair. Tweet us your favorites!

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