The 17 Best Moments From ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Specials

This year will mark the tenth Doctor Who Christmas special since the series revival in 2005. It will also be the first special starring the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Every Christmas special is different; the episode can be cheesy or epic, heartwarming or heartbreaking. But two things are always certain: there will be aliens involved, and it will be very British. So get ready to pop open your Christmas cracker (it’s a UK thing) by checking out these top moments from past specials.

1. Our introduction to the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant):

2. Attack of the killer Christmas tree:

3. When Ten picked out his new outfit:

4. Rose and Ten being adorable:

When we started to love them together.

 5. Getting to know the brilliance that is Donna Noble:

The sassiest companion.

6. The moment the Doctor had been waiting for:

7. This awesome speech:

8. When the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) embraced his inner Santa:

9. This beautiful line:

10. When the Doctor rode a carriage pulled by a flying shark:

Only on Doctor Who.

11. The Doctor being a goofball:

12. When Eleven reunited with the Ponds:

Happy tears!

13. Clara discovering the TARDIS on a cloud:

14. When we saw present-day Clara for the first time:

15. When the Doctor was given a new regeneration cycle:

16. The Eleventh Doctor’s final words:

This is what we meant by “heartbreaking.”

17. When Eleven sees Amy for the last time:

We hope this Doctor Who Christmas tradition continues for years to come!