13 Moments We Loved From The 2014 Emmys

Monday night (yes, Monday) was the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on NBC and millions tuned in. Late Night host Seth Meyers gracefully took on the task of hosting. While the show might have been way too long, we found quite a few enjoyable moments that made us laugh, smile, and cry.

Seth Meyer’s Opening Monologue


Hosting any awards show is tough, but Seth held his own. He didn’t need a musical number, or heavy gag-jokes, to win over the audience. Seth was his usual charming self, with great delivery when it came to a friendly jab, or two.

Beyonce Showed Up


Oh you didn’t know, Queen Bey graced our screens last night? Amy Poehler AKA Beyonce, is half the reason we even tune into these awards shows. She’s either hosting, presenting, or just being fabulous, and that’s alright by us.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Matthew McConaughey Jokes


“Matthew McConaughey doesn’t even own a television. I happen to know for a fact that he traded his television for a conch shell full of weed.”

The “Billy On The Street” Skit Was Surprisingly Good


Usually, we’re not too crazy about Billy On The Street, but his pre-taped skit with the Emmys’ host, asking people on the street questions about the Emmys, was pretty hysterical.

Bryan Cranston’s Mustache


The guest of honor.

This Epic Makeout Sesh


Louis C.K.’s Simple, But Sweet Acceptance Speech


Nothing long-winded, just straight to the point, yet sweet. He also made sure to point out that Sarah Baker was the star and reason he won.

Retta Live-Tweeting The Whole Night

Retta, AKA Donna on Parks and Recreation and lover of live-tweeting, captured some of the most interesting moments from the night on Twitter.

When Joffery Confronted His Mother



When They Gave George R.R. Martin A Typewriter


And asked him to please write faster.


He was immediately on the case.

Ricky Gervais Just Being Ricky Gervais


“Now that is a television face. Not even really a television face. It’s a Netflix face.” – Jimmy Kimmel

When Jimmy Fallon Seized The Day


Gwen Stefani messed up Stephen Colbert’s name, so Jimmy assumed that meant the Emmy was up for grabs. We’d all have done the same if we were there.

Billy Crystal’s Touching Robin William’s Memoriam



Which of these did you love the most? Tweet us your favorite moments from the night!