15 Signs Binge-Watching Is Taking Over Your Life

Remember the day when you’d have to wait a WEEK to see the next episode of your favorite TV show? Or if you missed a season there was basically no way of catching up unless they aired repeats? That all became a distant memory as soon as we entered the age of Netflix and binge-watching. Some people do it out of convenience, but for others binge-watching is an artform – it’s a way of life. Here are some signs to see if you belong in that second category.

1. Your idea of the perfect weekend includes 13 hours of House of Cards.


2. When Netflix announces the premiere date for the new season of Orange is the New Black  – or any show really – your reaction is something like this.


3. You’ve actually binge watched a show you’ve seen before. You’ve done the binge re-watch.


4. You’ve inadvertently downloaded a virus by trying to stream a TV show illegally.


5. You block all forms of social media until you’re done with a show, because hello? Spoilers! It’s also a problem when you try to have normal conversations.


6. Choosing your next show to binge-watch requires in-depth research – including, but not limited to, a Facebook poll and Rotten Tomatoes consultation.


7. When your binge-watching catches you up to a show’s current season and you realize you’ll have to watch it week-to-week like everyone else, you react like this.


8. Completing an entire series sends you into an emotional spiral.


9. When you’re stuck at work and all you can think about is finishing that season of Game of Thrones, this is you.


10. You subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, etc. because you don’t want to miss anything. Never mind that your monthly bill costs more than regular cable.


11. You’ve actually said to yourself, “Ok, just one more season, then I’m going to bed.”


12. You’ve started watching a show when it was dark out, and finished when it was light.


13. When you tell your friends how quickly you finished every season of Breaking Bad, they react similarly to this.


14. You keep repeating this mantra in order to justify your existence.


15. You show more determination and stamina with TV-watching than with anything else in your life. And you know what? You’re ok with that.


There’s a lot of good TV out there. So keep at it, binge-watchers. We salute you.