The Best of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Thanksgiving Episode

Bob's BurgersFOXIf there’s anything that this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers teaches us, it’s that three days before Thanksgiving, you better be adding a “Father-of-the-Brine” to your turkey and making sure to check the side effects on your allergy medicine so you don’t accidentally submerge it in the toilet while hallucinating that you’re potty training your children as an expression of your anxiety about them growing up. After last year’s Thanksgiving episode established it as Bob’s favorite holiday to A) get furious at Linda and the kids and B) get completely wasted on absinthe, add absuing over the counter medication as one of the Belcher’s hilarious family traditions.

So, quickly, here’s the best moments from each character that brought the laughs. Then, get back in the kitchen! There are cats roaming everywhere!

Bob: You might think Bob’s increasing rage as his lovingly brined turkeys keep ending up in the toilet would take the prize, but instead, it was his unintentional seduction of the male supermarket deli butcher who keeps giving him new turkeys. Jon Benjamin and guest Tuc Watkins sell it. “I’m mostly straight. Also, I’m married. But if I wasn’t… who am I kidding, you’re out of my league. It would never work.”

Linda: “I don’t know… All these turkeys… it makes me horny!” Sure, it makes absolutely no sense why thirty pounds of raw poultry drenched in salty walter would seduce a woman, but it doesn’t have to. Also great: her constant gagging at anything in or involving the bathroom.

Tina: Obviously, it has to be Tina falling off of a chair while attempting to cross her legs like a “lady” to be taken seriously at the adults’ table. There are no other acceptable answers. (Except maybe her adult talking points. “In this economy?”)

Gene: Upon seeing the first turkey submerged in the toilet, “Who pooped that? And may I apprentice with you?”

Louise: Her lovingly constructed conspiracy theories were completely wrong, but while Gene and Tina didn’t team up to destroy the turkeys, she did accidentally admit she’s “been slowly stealing their allowances over the last five years.”

Guest Star MVP: Megan Mullally playing Linda’s sister, Gail, is always good for laughs, but this week her insane mood swings and desire to be named as the culprit (despite her innocence) added exactly the right amount of chaos. “Was it Gail? ‘I DON’T KNOW!’ It wasn’t.”

Running Gags: Linda’s love for Thanksgiving singing resulted in last year’s improvised “Thanksgiving Song.” This year, Gene, Linda, and Gail teamed up for a T-Gives carol about gravy. “Sailors in your mouth… sailors in your mouth… That’s what Thanksgiving is all about!”

Overall Assessment: Holiday heartwarming murder mystery = Instant classic!