Everyone’s More Fun on British Chat Shows

Will Smith, Graham Norton ShowBBC One/So Television

What is it about British talk shows that brings out the goofy in A-list stars?

When the best late-night moments have a viral life beyond the night they air, regular old interviews just won’t do anymore. Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, and Jimmy Kimmel are the most creative hosts on this side of the pond; they spend their airtime getting Betty White to play beer pong and pranking Taylor Swift rather than keeping it all on the couch. But can they compete with Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross who seem to have the secret formula? Here are a few of our favorite times where celebrities cut loose on their shows.

Will Smith Brings Back The Fresh Prince

In a skit designed to be shared and shared again by the internet’s army of ’90s nostalgists, Smith performed a medley of musical moments from his old sitcom. Alfonso Ribero even joined him for Will and Carlton’s famous “Apache” dance.

Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock Get Musical

Not that these two aren’t always delightful, but throw in a Big-style giant piano and their charm hits the next level. Also, we’re incredibly impressed that Sandy could pull that off in her Louboutins.

Benedict Cumberbatch Does His Best Chewie

And Harrison Ford‘s reaction is everything.

Drunk Golf with Justin Timberlake

The one surefire strategy for getting the most out of one’s celebrity guest is simply to load him or her up with booze. Jonathan Ross challenges JT to a mini-golf game sponsored by some tequila shots and shenanigans ensue.

Ewan McGregor and Chris O’Dowd Have a Lightsaber Fight

Norton supplied his guests with professional-grade Jedi weapons and the studio turned into a Lucasfilm soundstage for a few minutes.