The 14 Most Hashtag-Worthy Things We’ve Learned From ‘Broad City’

Broad City’s social media game is strong. Every episode contains at least one – but usually multiple – tweetable moments. If you’re not tweeting about the show, we’d like to offer you some of its best hashtags so you can get in on the action. And if you’re not watching the show, we can’t talk to you until you have a nice long Comedy Central binge. Abbi and Ilana are killin’ it this season – you won’t be disappointed.

1. #BingoBronson

While hopped up on drugs (and more drugs) after getting her wisdom teeth removed, Abbi imagines a blue stuffed creature named Bingo Bronson has come to life. Together, they take a glorious jaunt through a Brooklyn Whole Foods.

2. #FOMO


FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out, and it’s something Ilana struggles with in the episode appropriately titled, “Hashtag FOMO.” She searches for the best party ever, which brings us to…

3. #Val

Val is Abbi’s jazz-singing alter-ego when she’s blackout drunk. The old folks love her, and once Ilana discovers her friend’s hidden life… NOMO FOMO.

4. #AlDenteDentist


Lincoln, who’s a dentist and Ilana’s steady hookup partner, has a blog about pasta. The show actually created this blog and it’s amazing.

5. #WannaFook

Ilana yells this handy pickup line at a bunch of guys. It’s basically like the female version of a catcall. And just like the male version of a catcall, it doesn’t work. At all.

6. #YasKween

Use this whenever you’re in agreement with your super fabulous friend. Yaaaas Kween.

7. #WorldwideBloodstream

We’ve all been there. Abbi and Ilana get sucked into an Internet deep dive so powerful that they forget they’re in the same room.

8. #MaleStacy

Stacy, played by Seth Rogen, is the guy Abbi dated in the first episode of season 2. But because his name is “Stacy,” they refer to him as “Male Stacy” throughout the entire ep.

9. #Pegging

We’re not even gonna describe this one. 

10. #BodybyTrey


The head trainer of Soulstice gym, and Abbi’s overly-positive boss, has his own website:

11. #GramIt

You know, short for Instagram. Abbi likes Valencia, but Ilana prefers no filter. Nobody likes Kelvin.

12. #Garol

A creepy yogurt-eating old lady who pops up in the Broad City world on more than one occasion. And yes, her name is Garol with a G.

13. #Bevers


AKA the most annoying “roommate” known to woman.

14. #Fiiiiiigggggg

Abbi rollerblades herself into in a ditch, and while stuck, she plays American Idol with a Brazilian nut and a fig, among other things. She eventually gets rescued but has to leave the fig behind.

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