Bromance Showdown: Turk and JD vs. Troy and Abed

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The two most iconic bromances of our generation: 1) JD and Turk, and 2) Troy and Abed. Each pair has secret handshakes, best friend rituals, enviable couples’ costumes, and most importantly, an unshakable and unquestionable bond. But who does it better? Let’s take a quick look:

Quirk Quotient

This one’s hard to call, as many of JD and Turk’s quirkiest moments live only in JD’s massive imagination, while Troy and Abed actually have a shared imagination in physical form (A.K.A. the Dreamatorium). JD and Turk do share tons of eccentricities that almost add up to enough to challenge Troy and Abed in the quirkiness department. Almost.

JD/T = 0, T/A = 1


Troy and Abed’s Dr. Spacetime cosplaying is one thing, but can it win against JD and Turk’s eagle? (“EAAAAAGLE!”) It’s a tough call, that’s for sure, but the Community boys do have an entire room devoted to the art.

JD/T = 0, T/A = 2

Couples Costume

Troy and Abed’s Ripley/Alien costume is pretty hard to beat, but World’s Most Giant Doctor takes a definite lead for creativity.

JD/T = 1, T/A = 2

Cuddle Time

Due mainly to Abed not being particularly good with affection, JD and Turk have a lock on this one.

JD/T = 2, T/A = 2

Bromance vs. Romance

Now, how do their respective bromances line up with their romances? In Scrubs, Carla and Elliot seem resigned to the fact that their respective significant others have a best pal who’s more significant. On Community? Troy and Britta never even came close to the shippiness level of Troy and Abed. Now, Abed and Annie on the other hand…

JD/T = 3, T/A = 2

The “Aww” Factor

Troy and Abed’s recent farewell was a definite “aww” moment – it was actually more heartbreaking than any dryly humorous sitcom has a right to be. And Turk and JD’s life-spanning friendship (which weathers everything from college, to med school, to residency, to parenthood) is both “aww” and awe-inspiring.

JD/T = 4, T/A = 2

Love Duets

We’ve got “Guy Love” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (which was actually recorded after Scrubs went off air, which makes it even more bromantic in my opinion) vs. a very sweet rendition of “Somewhere Out There,” as sung to a real-life rat.

JD/T = 4, T/A = 3

The Scrubs boys might win by a hair in our books, but we love Troy and Abed just the same. Whichever one you prefer, both “couples” became the emotional center of their respective shows, and managed to showcase a depth of friendship that most of us can only dream of.

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