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Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffith to Play Sisters in New TV Series

Former Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart is back among TV’s top earners thanks to a new series in which she’ll star opposite Six Feet Under actress Rachel Griffith

Flockhart and Griffith will reportedly pocket $200,000 each for their roles in the Brithers & Sisters pilot and a further $100,000 for each of six guaranteed episodes.

Entertainment news website TMZ.com report it’s no coincidence the actresses got the same great deal–they share the same lawyer.

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In the new show, Flockhart will play a right-wing talk show host who is forced to take charge of a family business with her sister and her brothers after the death of their father.

The show is likely to debut alongside hit dramas LostBoston Legal and Desperate Housewives on ABC later this year.

Flockhart ended her run as neurotic lawyer Ally McBeal after five years in 2002. The hit show won four Golden Globes. Griffith played Brenda Chenowith in funeral home series Six Feet Under from 2001 until the show ended last year.

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