‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Might Snap Andre Braugher’s Bad Luck Streak

Andre BraugherPatti Ouderkirk / WENN

Andre Braugher, still best remembered two decades later for his searing performance as Det. Frank Pembleton on Homicide: Life On The Streets, is on yet another new show. He’s had a run of shows lasting only one or two seasons and I’m hoping that this one breaks that string, since the man deserves a good, steady job. He might get that with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which premieres tonight (Tuesday, September 17) at 8:30 PM ET on Fox.

Here’s why I’m hoping that it’s different: It’s a comedy. Braugher has done pretty much nothing but drama: Homicide, Hack, the semi-comedic Men of a Certain Age, Last Resort. He’s also done mini-series and guest shots on shows like House, M.D. Now we’re going to see a completely different side to Braugher and it should be great.

I don’t know what the problem has been with Braugher’s choices in the past. It’s not like the man has been the only one carrying the shows that he’s on. In Hack, he was acting along David Morse, who has always been worth watching. He had two stellar co-stars on Men, Ray Romano and Scott Bakula, both who know something about appearing on long-running shows. The viewing numbers weren’t there, though, and the show didn’t make it into a third season.

So here he is, alongside Andy Samberg, which is one of the odder pairings ever. It can work though – maybe the former Saturday Night Live star can show Braugher the finer art of comedic timing. Remember, Tom Hanks was able to go from Bosom Buddies to winning Academy Awards as a dramatic actor. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Braugher do the opposite.

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