Carol Gets Feisty in New ‘Walking Dead’ Deleted Scene

In anticipation of the DVD release for The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season, a deleted scene from the box set is available for viewing.

In the clip, we see a conversation between fellow zombie apocalypse survivors Carol and Merle. Widowed Carol at first appears to be her kind, soft-spoken self, bringing the prison inmate a tray of food. But then she shows off her rarely seen badass side when she threatens to slit his throat while he sleeps if he ever harms his brother Daryl or anyone else. To quote Juno MacGuff, “Go Carol!”

Could this scene be hinting at a future romance between the rhyming-name duo Carol and Daryl? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. The Walking Dead Season 3 DVD set is due on August 27th, and Season 4 will premiere on AMC on October 13th. 

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