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Carters Fight over Paris Hilton Dating Mix-Up

Feuding brothers Nick and Aaron Carter went to war on their reality TV show, House of Carters, after the “I Want Candy” hitmaker revealed he’d dated his older sibling’s ex, Paris Hilton.

The younger Carter tried to explain to the Backstreet Boys star that he only agreed to dine with Hilton to get information out of her about a rumored romance with Chad Michael Murray while she was dating Nick.

But the fight, which appears on the Carter family reality series, escalated when big brother Nick accused Aaron of dating the socialite behind his back.

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Speaking about the spat on Tyra Banks‘ daily talk show this morning, Nick Carter revealed, “The fight didn’t start off over her at all. It was an insecurity that I had developed over the years.

“He had taken her out on a date after I had broken up with her, (or rather) she took (him) out. He was 16; she was 20-something.

“He told me later on that he found out who she had cheated on me with because she didn’t say it was with anybody… He helped me out.”

The younger Carter explains, “I had to find out some information. I had to be a little sneaky. I just found out that she wasn’t being a good girlfriend to Nick.”

The revelation about Hilton‘s infidelity ended the romance between the couple and led to reports Carter had beaten up his ex in a jealous rage.

The pop star maintains those reports were hurtful and false: “Nothing like that ever happened.”

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