Cast Explains How ‘Powerless’ Is The Office With Superheroes



In every superhero comic/show/film, the hero beats the villain and leaves a mess. What do the normal humans do? How can they survive when an evil mastermind tries to level their entire city?

That’s what NBC wants to show in the first DC Comics comedy series, ‘Powerless’. Wayne Security is owned by Bruce Wayne but managed by his cousin (who he doesn’t talk to) Del (Tudyk). The company works on inventions to help humans when bad guys come to destroy the town. The team includes Teddy (Pudi), the Cheif Design Officer, Ron (Funches) an Engineer, and Emily (Hudgens), the newcomer whose in charge of the team.

Being in the first DC Comics comedy show is basically a dream come true if you’re a comedic actor. In the above interview Danny PudiRon Funches, and Vanessa Hudgens explain their characters and where we find them in the DC Universe, and Alan Tudyk tells us why comedy in a comic world makes so much sense.


Powerless begins February 2, 2017, at 8:30 PM ET on NBC.