Celebrities Try To Better The US In ‘Divided America’ Video Clips

We’ve heard the slogan “Make America Great Again” throughout the political campaigns, but what actually needs to change?


‘Divided America’ is a new five-part episode series brought to us by EPIX that hopes to answer that question, regardless of political party.

The show makes celebrities into their correspondents as they explore inequalities related to their own biographies. The high-profile reporters will explore all matters of inequality including life and death struggles. The show will have a total of eight famous people and below we have clips of three of their incredible journeys.


We all remember Jesse Williams fiery speech at this year’s BET awards about inequality. In the above clip, Jesse goes in-depth in the battle to fix inequality in Education. Jesse talks with a public defender about why minors who wave the right of their Miranda rights while being arrested.


When people immigrate to the US, a lot of times they find work as domestic work. In the above clip, Amy Poehler talks to three Hispanic domestic workers who tell Amy how underpaid and overworked things get.


When people graduated high school they used to be able to find a good job and start working right away without a college education. Nowadays it’s not so easy and people turn to drugs and alcohol for some kind of release. Peter Sarsgaard learns about the deindustrialization and Addiction of America while going on an officer ride along.


‘America Divided’ goes more in depth with these three problems, as well as Common finding out about Policing and Mass incarceration in Chicago, Rosario Dawson learns about the Flint water crises, America Ferrera travels to Texas to see migrants from Mexico, Zach Galifianakis discovers how much the campaign in North Carolina is actually for sale, and Norman Lear learns about racial discrimination in housing.


America Divided is a five part series and will begin September 30, 2016, on EPIX.