Celebrities Who Know How To Work

Kim Cattrall, Sex and the City 2Warner Bros via Everett Collection

Ever notice how careers on sitcoms seem more like jobs? At the end of the work-day, the job is left at the office and everyone seems to make enough money to take live in pretty cool apartments and take as much time off as wanted.

Take Samantha, from Sex and the City. She is a publicist living in New York City. She is in her 40s and somehow has this great career where she can drink white wine for lunch, have time for a quickie, and travel to the Hamptons on a whim. Oh, and she gets to date her clients. We want that job.

Jess Day from New Girl. Has there ever been a cuter teacher? She also lives in Los Angeles in a pretty badass apartment. She never wears the same outfit more then once and all of her cardigans are cute. Ms. Day has never turned down a dinner because of lack of funds.

Pam Halpert might not be glamorous, but The Office she works in is the least boring office job we’ve ever seen. She met her true love and he is probably the most attractive paper salesman in the entire world. She leaves to go to the movies, she rolls her eyes at the boss, and somehow, at the end of the day, she leaves it all in the office.

Liz Lemon in 30 Rock. Her show is terrible, her co-workers are idiots, and her boss is a crazy Republican. But she ALSO has a killer NYC apartment and she has enough money to take care of her boyfriends. She works late to film the show, but can come strolling in at whatever hour she pleases.