14 Celebrities You Forgot Were On ‘Charmed’

Charmed was a pretty fun show following three witches with different powers fighting the powers of evil. They came across many love interests and many demons. But you probably forgot all of the cool people who played them. There are some actors who were just starting out and became big later in life. So which guest stars did you forget about? These 14 had an episode or two on the show.

Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm, Charmed
The WB

The Mad Men actor was in the episode, "Ordinary Witches." He played Jack Brody, a professor at University of Columbia who is killed by a demon for an Egyptian artifact. The episode is all about his son getting revenge for his death along with his wife's.

Norman Reedus
Charmed, Norman Reedus
The WB

The Walking Dead star was in two episodes of the show, "Sense and Sense Ability" and "Necromancing the Stone." He plays Nate Parks, Paige's ex who owns a piano bar and tries to get her to sing there. He ends up revealing a terrible secret he hid from her.

Zachary Quinto
Charmed, Zachary Quinto
The WB

The movie and television star was in "Cat House" as the Family Hunter, a warlock that hunt people to stop them from protecting witches. He ends up hunting down Kit, the former familiar of the Charmed Ones.

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Rainn Wilson
Charmed, Rainn Wilson
The WB

The funny man is known for The Office, but before he was Kierkan on "Coyote Piper." He is a demonic alchemist and can possess the living, and bring the dead back to life. He causes Piper to be possessed by an evil spirit.

Eric Dane
Charmed, Eric Dane
The WB

Before he was McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy, he had quite a few episodes on Charmed. He played Jason Dean, the owner of The Bay Mirror where Phoebe worked. He was a mere handsome mortal that became Phoebe's love interest.

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
Charmed, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
The WB

The Big Bang Theory star was a reoccurring character, Billie Jenkins, on the show. She was a witch that has the power of telekinesis. Her whitelighter was Paige, which brought her closer to the Charmed Ones.

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Misha Collins
Charmed, Misha Collins
The WB

Now he's Castiel on Supernatural, but back in the day he was in the episode, "They're Everywhere" with Dean Norris. He played a mortal named Eric Bragg that is being hunted by The Collectors. The Charmed Ones of course have to protect him.

Jason Lewis
Charmed, Jason Lewis
The WB

The hot actor is known for being Samantha's boyfriend, Smith Jerrod, on Sex and the City. After his time on the show he went to Charmed and played Dex Lawson, a mortal artist who was actually married to Phoebe in season 8.

Amy Adams
Charmed, Amy Adams
The WB

The actress has been nominated for five Oscars, but she started out on TV. She played Maggie Murphy in season 2 who is a mortal that becomes a Whitelighter. This however makes her a target of a Spirit Killer.

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John Cho
Charmed, John Cho
The WB

The actor is known for Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Star Trek. But before all of that he played Mark Chao in "Dead Man Dating." He is a college student who is killed, and his spirit goes to the sisters to get their help on how to avoid hell.

Nick Lachey
Charmed, Nick Lachey
The WB

The reality star and former boy band actor successfully crossed over to acting. He played Leslie St. Claire, a mortal who ghost writes for Phoebe and also becomes her love interest in season 7.

Jenny McCarthy
Charmed, Jenny McCarthy
The WB

The actress played Mitzy Stillman in "The Power of Three Blondes." She was one of three sisters who steal the Charmed Ones' powers and identities.

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Dean Norris
Charmed, Dean Norris
The WB

The actor now known for Breaking Bad, was in the episode, "They're Everywhere" as one of The Collectors. This is a breed of warlocks that can take knowledge with their fingers, have telepathy, and are impervious to bullets.

Daniel Dae Kim
Charmed, Daniel Dae Kim
The WB
Now known for Lost and Hawaii Five-0, he once played Yen Lo in "Enter the Demon." He is an evil zen master out for revenge.