Chanel’s 15 Best Burns (So Far!) on ‘Scream Queens’

Chanel No. 1 our new favorite queen of mean, and we all loooove to hate her. Just a look from her will instill fear in whoever crosses her path, and she doesn’t mince words. Here are the nastiest, cruelest, harshest insults Chanel Oberlin has said (so far!) on Scream Queens
1. The way she greets her minions in the morning.

2. Aaaand in the evening.

3. When she’s welcoming new pledges to the sorority.

4. The way she shows her kind and generous side.

5. When she’s referencing scream queens of the past.

6. When she’s pretending to have credible medical knowledge.

7. Aaaaand again.

8. When she’s, asserting her power.

9. The way she describes the recipient of a Chanel makeover.

10. When she *almost* donated to the less fortunate.

11. The way she kindly orders her coffee.

12 And shows her sincerest gratitude to the barista.

13. The way she feels about peace on earth.

14. The way she keeps a secret.

15. But best of all, this is her response to being told she’s actually an awful person.

Aw, sweet Chanel. Never change!