7 Characters We Want To See On ‘Supernatural’ Again

During last night’s mid-season finale of Supernatural, we were reintroduced to a character we thought the creators had long forgotten about – Lucifer. Our favorite fallen angel, the Devil himself (Mark Pellegrino) returned after departing the show in a big old banishment several seasons again.While we’re not happy about what it means for Sam and Dean that the devil is back, we kind of can’t help loving Lucifer. He’s a one funny dude. But he’s not the only character we’ve been wishing would return to the show!

7. Gabriel

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Gabriel might have made Sam go a little crazy (“Yesterday was Tuesday, but today Tuesday too!”), but he was still a fan favorite. Fans loved Richard Speight Jr.‘s dry humor and depiction of the character. While he’s begun directing some episodes in season 11 of Supernatural, we have our fingers crossed that his character will make his way back home.

6. John Winchester

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It’s been over 7 years since JDM appeared on Supernatural. In that time we’ve met his father, Henry (Gil McKinney) and the younger version of John (Matt Cohen), but we haven’t seen the father the boys knew in far too long. On a show like Supernatural, it’s not at all uncommon that characters who have died come back. It’s actually pretty commonplace on this show, but where is John? We guess JDM must be too busy getting ready to play Negan on The Walking Dead.

5. Chuck

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Chuck pops up every now and again, most importantly he showed up in the last seconds of season 10’s “Fan Fiction”, but where is he now? If you’ve ever read any fan theory on the show, chances are you’ve stumbled across the theory that Chuck is God. If that’s true, does that mean we’ll see him in the second half of season 11, as we’re finally getting closer to God than ever before? We sure as hell want to know, because then our friend owes us $20.

4. Adam

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Along with theories about Chuck, there are several theories about Adam. Is he still alive? It’s been said the only soul that could be ripped from the cage was Sam’s, so does that mean Adam died all those seasons ago? Supernatural fans aren’t big on open-ended things, so we need some resolution with this character, and soon.

3. Bobby

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The boys said goodbye to Bobby, the got rid of his ghost…and yet, we still want to see him again. The finality of death is hard to get through. Bobby was like Sam and Dean’s real father, since John couldn’t handle raising his sons without Mary there, so Bobby’s death has been one of the hardest for us to swallow.

2. Kevin

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Like Bobby, we may have said goodbye to Kevin, but we hope not for long. Personally, we’d be up for Ghost Kevin coming in to help save the boys when things look bleak at the end of this season, and then boom God shows up, and it’s a happy little reunion. That’s clearly far too much wishful thinking for a Supernatural story line, but can you blame us for hoping?

1. Charlie

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Remember how we said Supernatural fans hate open-ended things? We kind of hate off-screen deaths even more. Having Charlie killed off-screen was tough. We’ve been waiting for the episode where one of the boys has a dream where Charlie yells at them, calls them assholes, then helps them hack into a computer system like the bad ass she is.