Charlie Sheen Takes on ‘Anger Management’ Sitcom?

Charlie SheenThis news is only based on cryptic hints dropped by Charlie Sheen, so don’t be too surprised if things turn out differently. That being said, Sheen implied that his newest television project may be an adaptation of the comedy, Anger Management, starring Adam Sandler as a mild-mannered man with pent-up anger, and Jack Nicholson, as his boisterous, off-the-wall and plausibly insane psychologist who makes it his life mission to turn his patient’s life upside down. The Nicholson role sounds like just the type of character Sheen would want to play on television…while he’s taking a break from playing it in real life.

More precisely, Sheen’s statement is reportedly that he’ll be working on a new sitcom based on a film with the initials “A.M.,” that Joe Roth produced a few years ago. Sheen’s friend Roth has done nothing of the sort, but he was at one time attached to Revolution Studios, which did produce Anger Management in 2003. For Sheen logic, that’s not bad.

Source: Vulture