Check Out An Exclusive Deleted Scene From ‘Lucifer’


The TV series ‘Lucifer’ follows LuciferMorninstar (Ellis), a servant of hell who has decided he’s done with the boring and mundane torturing and everything else, so he goes to Earth so he can try to understand humans (good luck with that). He has met up with cops and teams up trying to solve violent crimes.

The above clip is a deleted scene from Season 2 Episode 8 called “Trip To Stabby Town”. In the scene, Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) are discussing the stabbings at the studio, while Chloe wonders where Lucifer is. As it turns out that blade is Azrael’s Blade, which Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has discovered has gone missing from the grave. The blade is the weapon of the angel of death, and in humans hands, it demands to kill.



Lucifer: The Complete Second Season will be available August 22, 2017, on DVD.