Check Out This First Look At NBC’s Game Show ‘The Wall’


The Fall series is almost up and that means networks are going to show us what they have for the Spring season. Enter NBC’s newest game show, ‘The Wall’.

The Wall is pretty cool looking. it’s basically a 4 story tall Plinko board, and it’s designed to change some lives. A total of 12 Million dollars will be on the line every night, and a contestant could win 3 million on a single drop. The way the game show works is that host Chris Hardwick will ask a team of two a series of question. Get the question right and get a green ball, and wherever it falls the team will get that amount of money. Get the question wrong and you get a red ball which subtracts that amount. The game progresses when one of the teammates is sent behind the wall in isolation, and their trust in their partner is tested.

Sounds cool? We think so, and so does the executive producer LeBron James.


The Wall starts with a special preview on Monday, December 19, 2016.