Chris Pratt Talks About Working With Wife Anna Faris On ‘Mom’


There’s something special about when a couple work on a show/film together.

Anna Faris has been doing her show ‘Mom’ since 2013 and has never had husband Chris Pratt on the show… Until now.

On the newest episode of ‘Mom’, Chris Pratt plays Nick, the attractive single nephew of  Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy). All of the single Moms want Nick, but Marjorie puts him off limits to them. Bonnie (Allison Janney) tells Christy (Faris) to go for it anyways, so she goes to the ranch that Nick works at to find out what his story is.

Pratt has never done a show where there’s a live audience, and it’s quite different. In the above interview, Anna and Chris talk about the live show aspect, their story line, how they’ve been practising the sex scene in the show that they’ve been rehearsing for a while, as well how special it is to work together again.


Mom airs on Thursday nights, and the Chris Pratt guest star episode called “Good Karma and the Big Weird” airs Thursday, January 19 at 8: oo PM on CBS.