We Need These Comedians As Guest Stars On ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Aziz Ansari, Bob's BurgersFOX

Do you remember that insanely perfect episode of Bob’s Burgers where we first met Darryl (otherwise known as DRL) and within seconds you realized that he was being voiced by Aziz Ansari? How awesome was that moment?! Darryl, king of the arcade games and frequenter of Family Funtime, was so hilarious that we can’t help but wonder about the potentional awesomeness of other comedians coming on and voicing new characters on the show. But first, one more Darryl clip:

Kevin Hart

Can’t you just hear his little squeaky, high-pitched voice now? We’d love to hear him as the voice of Jamal Jones, Tina’s new love interest at school.

Louis C.K.

As the voice of … himself. Louie C.K.,  a newly divorced single father, starts frequenting Bob’s Burgers every week. Maybe he tries out some of his stand-up routine on Bob and family. We don’t really care, we’d just be psyched to hear him on the show.

Key & Peele

Okay, imagine an episode based on an epic Liam Neeson flick, like Taken. (How awesome would that be if Louise went missing and Bob had to start kicking ass and taking names?) Then imagine a little cameo from the world’s biggest Liam Neeson super fans. Epicry.