Corsets were a curse for Elle Fanning on The Great set


Elle Fanning couldn’t get used to the corset she had to wear as Catherine the Great in Hulu‘s new streaming hit.

The actress portrays the young Russian Empress in comedy series The Great, directed by The Favourite writer Tony McNamara, and admits she felt constricted in the historic garments she had to wear.

“Some days I’m like, ‘Guys, do I have to wear the corset?'” Elle tells the SAG Foundation‘s Conversations. “Are they really going to be able to tell? I would never not wear it. I did enjoy it sometimes but it’s also so constricting.

“For six months I was so ready to give it back because of your breathing alone. I think you have to get used to the breathing, even in stunt scenes and being thrown around… It would help when it was freezing because you wanted all those layers; you could hide things in there because it was so cold outside.”

And Fanning loved popping out for fast food dressed as Catherine.

“All the sets were built inside a studio in East London and you would walk outside and literally be next to a McDonald’s in your corset!” she laughs.