Craig Robinson Gets His Own Show — What Other Supporting Players Need a Starring Role?

Craig RobinsonParamount via Everett Collection

After nine long seasons on The Office, Craig Robinson is getting a serious promotion. The actor’s upcoming comedy project, tentatively titled Mr. Robinson, has received a six episode order from the network. Robinson will play a newly appointed music teacher who inspires kids with the wonders of music and also learns how to bend certain rules at his new place of employment.

Seeing Robinson rewarded with his own show after such a long stint as a supporting character has us wondering what other perennial supporting players are in dire need of their own starring comedy vehicle.

Judy Greer
A supporting player on Arrested Development and in every romantic comedy movie ever, Greer is comedic dynamite and is long overdue for her own sitcom… one with a longer lifespan than the appropriately titled Miss Guided.

Paul Scheer
Scheer has guest starred in a bevy of comedies over the years, and has a supporting role on The League has us craving to see the actor front and center in his own comedy.

Patton Oswalt
Patton Oswalt spent years as a supporting character on King of Queens, and even though he has a wildly successful stand-up career, it would be great to see the comedian come back to to television (his Wonder Years-style voice-over on The Goldbergs doesn’t count).

Damon Wayans Jr.
Wayans put in great work in Happy Endings and as Coach on the current season of New Girl, but the actor has more than enough charm and comedic chops to carry his own sitcom.

John Oliver
This British funnyman was an old standby for years on The Daily Show and is seriously underutilized Community. Imagine Professor Ian Duncan with his own show.

Chris Parnell
The fact that the world has gone this long without a Dr. Leo Spaceman spin-off shows that there’s something seriously wrong with the the universe.

Mary Lynn Rajskub
Rajskub appears in at least one episode of all your favorite TV shows. She has shown up as recurring characters on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested DevelopmentThe King of Queens, Raising Hope, and Modern Family, not to mention her supporting role in 24. She’s definitely deserves a steady gig at the head of a project.

Seth Morris
Morris was great as the wonderfully chipper Danny on NBC’s short lived Go On. We can definitely see the actor starring in his own successful project.