The 12 Craziest ‘American Idol’ Auditions In History

The reality show is winding down to its last season so we are getting our very last rounds of auditions, which is arguably the best part of the show. It’s not only the time we get heart-breaking stories from contestants. But it’s also the time we get to see a bunch of crazy, tone-deaf people freak out our famous judges. But what were the craziest auditions in American Idol history? Thankfully we have a list of all 12.

1. William Hung’s  “She Bangs”


The UC Berkley student decided to take a chance by auditioning and he got some fame out of it. His voice and dance moves were so bad it went viral. He was rejected and went on to making three albums.

2. Reject gets taken away in handcuffs


Not everyone takes rejection well. A man decided to audition by singing “Amazing Grace” but the judges weren’t feeling it. He ended up not wanting to take no for an answer then was ushered out by security.

3. The Shakespearean James Brown impression


Cooper Robinson went into his audition dressed like he should be in a play. He then rambled off about living in the woods, not knowing his age, and finally he jumped into a James Brown impression complete with dance moves.

4. “Pants on the Ground” audition


Who could forget General Larry Platt? Instead of singing a previously recorded song he sang his original song telling men they look like fools with their pants on the ground.

5. Mary Roach’s crazy dance and singing routine


This audition not only involves a weird voice and dance moves. But the end involves Mary talking about the voices in her head. Simon Cowell tells her that she’s has one of the worst voices he’s ever heard. She leaves with a crazy rant

6. Screamo girl


Stephanie Sanson came in and told everyone that she was going to perform Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” However they didn’t expect her screamo twist on it and all of that jumping around. She ended up leaving with her middle fingers in the air.

7. “Bikini Boy”


A prankster named Tyler Hemmerling went on to the show in just a bikini to perform, “Achy Break Heart.” Sadly for him the judges had enough and walked out.

8. “Bikini Girl”


Katrina Darrell wanted to stand out from the crowd so she tanned and went to her audition in just a bikini. Her voice was great, but what made this audition crazy was the weird competition between her and Kara DioGuardi.

9. The Lion from The Wizard of Oz audition


If you’ve ever seen the movie then you know the Lion sings a certain way. So a younger girl decided to replicate that for her audition. She does a good impression, but it didn’t go well with the judges.

10. A married couple’s awkward audition


This last season has already started off weird. Jordan and Alex Sasser probably thought auditioning together would set them apart and help their chances. But it ultimately backfired and the married couple turned on each other.

11. Kanye West auditions


The rapper made an appearance for the show’s last season auditioning with his breakout,” Through the Wire.” Of course he ends up with a ticket.

12. Steven Tyler auditions in drag


The former American Idol judge dressed up as a woman and auditioned as Pepper. Too bad the judges figure out his true identity pretty quickly so he never actually sings.