5 Cringe-worthy Moments on ‘The Bachelor’ (So Far)

Based on this week’s episode alone, this season of The Bachelor is proving to be the most explosive yet. Speaking of explosive, Ben is still one of the most boyishly-cute Bachelors the show has had (sorry, Jason). What keeps us watching are the unexpected moments from the women. Some moments are awkward, cringe-worthy, or just plain uncomfortable, but all are equally entertaining. Here are the top 5 shocking #Bachelor2016 moments (so far)!

5. First impression: Joelle’s mask 

It was horrifying to watch her approach the dreamy Ben wearing, well, what look like Charlie The Unicorn on her face. What was she trying to suggest? Does she like My Little Pony? Is she trying to say she’s “horny” for him? Or is she just a bit creepy?

4. Mandi’s “rose” to the top 

Mandi isn’t afraid of her weirdness, to the point that it actually is kind of attractive…kind of. When she meets Ben, she wears a giant rose on her head, saying “I know this isn’t the first rose I will have tonight.” Where we should have said, “Aw, how cute”, her tone made it sound like a double entendre so we had to just wince. Oh, she’s a dentist by trade and made it a point to give Ben an oral exam later in the evening–yes, an actual one. 

3. Olivia’s honesty about her toes

No words…except maybe, “What?!”

2. The shade that’s thrown at Jubilee


This past week proved to be a different episode due to some shattering news from Ben about his personal life. Jubilee, arguably the most considerate of all the girls, sits on the couch trying to figure out how to comfort Ben while the other girls throw more shade at her than Hollywood threw at 2007 Britney Spears. I mean how can you hate her for being nice, she’s adorable! 

1. Crazy Lace (SPOILERS ahead)

Following a shocking departure from the show on this week’s episode, America seems to going to miss Lace, the one girl–there’s one on every season–that wants Ben so much for herself, you begin to wonder if she’ll pull a stalker-ex-girlfriend and kidnap him. She would constantly walk in on Ben & other contestants sharing a special moment, she’d drink a bit too much, and alienate herself from the others. Whenever she walked into the room, you knew drama was about to happen.

No matter how entertaining she was (and how good she managed to make us feel uncomfortable for Ben), we will miss her. The question remains though: who will take her place as the source of crazy-drama-royalty? 


I guess we’ll find out next week.