A Quick Look at the New TV Projects of Darren Aronofsky, Robert Downey Jr., and Bryan Cranston

Darren AronofskyGetty Images/Neilson Barnard

Long emancipated from its reputation as the place where has-beens go for one last snag at the limelight, television is attracting big screen folks at the top of their games. A new league of blockbuster movie stars, admired thespians, and Oscar-nominated filmmakers alike are flocking to the comforts of premium cable, all with intriguing projects in tow. Here are a few big name figures taking to the TV game with promising prospects.


Who’s that again? The guy who directed Black SwanRequiem for a Dream, The WrestlerThe Fountain, and Noah
What’s he working on? MaddAddam, an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s speculative sci-fi novel trilogy (Oryx and Crake, Year Of The Flood, and MaddAddam).
For whom? HBO.
What’s the deal? The story depicts a dystopian future in which genetic engineering has swept the human race. Aronofsky might direct, and is executive producing with his fiancée Brandi-Ann Milbradt and regular collaborator Ari Handel.


Who’s that again? Iron Man.
What’s he working on? An untitled drama about a drug rehab community set in 1980s Venice Beach.
For whom? Showtime.
What’s the deal? Downey obviously has personal ties to the project considering his history with drug abuse; he and his wife Susan are producing, and Orange Is the New Black writer Gary Lennon is handling the script (so we can expect some wit).

Bryan CranstonWENN/Adriana M. Barraza


Who’s that again? Walter White from Breaking Bad, Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, or Tim Whatley from Seinfeld, and President Lyndon Johnson on ol’ Broadway.
What’s he working on? A narrative adaptation of the Conn and Hal Iggulden book Dangerous Book for Boys.
For whom? No word just yet.
What’s the deal? Although the Igguldens’ book takes form as a “how to” manual of sorts, Cranston’s television series will draw a narrative out of the variety of rituals established as recommended rites of passage for American youngsters.

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