‘Deadwood’s’ Molly Parker To Star Opposite Josh Lucas in NBC’s ‘The Firm’

Molly ParkerThe latest addition to the TV adaptation of John Grisham’s The Firm is Molly Parker, familiar to fans of Deadwood, Shattered, Swingtown, Twitch City… okay, I don’t know what most of those things are, but she actually has a decently impressive film career (Hollywoodland, The Road, The Good Shepherd).

In any event, Parker will be playing Abby, wife of the main character Mitch McDeere (Josh Lucas), as well as a schoolteacher eager to begin work after a tumultuous ten years. What happened in the past ten years? Well, the TV adaptation takes place ten years after the events of the book (and Tom Cruise movie). So, I suppose you can think about how that ended and make some educated guesses. I’m perfectly satisfied in assuming there was some time machinery involved, since Lucas is actually nine years younger than Cruise is.

Although, since the movie was made almost twenty years ago…that would mean Mitch’s age would pick up just about perfectly. Wait a minute…that’s brilliant. My investment in this project has just tripled.

Source: Hollywood Reporter