‘Dexter’: Eighth Season Will Be its Last, and Deb is Totally Pissed

Credit: Showtime

We all knew it would end this way. And now, Showtime has made it official, announcing (finally), that Dexter‘s upcoming eighth season would be its last.

In a press release sent shortly after the Facebook-official announcement (since we all know if it doesn’t happen on Facebook it’s not really real), Showtime confirmed that America’s original televised murderperson anti-hero would take his final plunge this summer. 

“When it debuted in 2006, Dexter redefined the genre, by taking the anti-hero to new heights and pushing the boundaries of the television landscape,” stated Showtime Networks Chairman and CEO, Matthew C. Blank in the release. “Dexter paved the way … [and] is a landmark franchise for our network, and we cannot wait to unveil the conclusion of this series, as we know it, to the millions of passionate fans who have supported the show season after season,” said President of Entertainment at Showtime, David Nevins.

And as if the official announcement weren’t enough, Showtime also included a clip with the Facebook announcement, and — hooo lord! — does this season start with a bang. In the clip we see Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) interacting with her murderous brother, Dexter (Michael C. Hall), after avoiding him for what seems like weeks. But that’s not the biggest surprise. We don’t want to spoil the incredibly-tense interaction for you, so watch the clip and see for yourself, but our homegirl Deb is not f**king around right now — and definitely isn’t mincing her words or thoughts.

Way to go out with a bang, Dexy. Dexter returns to Showtime for its final season on Sunday, June 30 at 9pm ET/PT. Are you looking forward to the season? Let us know in the comments!

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