How We Got to Season 8 of ‘Dexter,’ And What to Expect Next

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This post contains spoilers regarding Dexter Season 7. Read at your own risk.

When Dexter ended last season, we all felt that the title of the finale, “Surprise, Motherf**ker,” was pretty accurate. Dexter got arrested, Hannah escaped from jail, LaGuerta gathered enough info to prove Deb was Dexter’s accomplice in Travis Marshall’s death, and there were a whole lot of Doakes flashbacks. The only thing that didn’t surprise us was that everyone thought LaGuerta was nuts. And then, in a shocking twist of fate, Deb killed LaGuerta.

Deb has been on a pretty consistent downward spiral ever since she found out that Dexter is a murderer. And honestly, who can blame her? She’s been through some serious crap. She got engaged to the Ice Truck Killer, she learned her dad slept with his informant (but only after sleeping with her informant), Lundy was killed, she figured out the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter were brothers, she broke up with Quinn, and then she realized she was in love with Dexter. Finding out that Dexter is a serial killer was just the cherry on top of a truly screwed-up sundae. And then, because that sundae was missing some whipped cream, Deb shot and killed LaGuerta.

So, we bet your bottom dollar that for the final season of Dexter we can expect Deb to continue on that downward spiral until she ends up in a place darker than any she’s been before. But Deb’s not the only one with problems. Dexter will have to deal with Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a neuro-psychiatrist who’s an expert on the brains of psychopaths. Also, Batista’s back in the homicide division to try to solve LaGuerta’s murder. Not good news for Deb or Dexter.

Also at the end of last season, Quinn was doing his sleazy, flirty thing with Jamie, so we bet we can expect that relationship to develop in Season 8. Although, honestly, Jamie needs to reevaluate her taste in men. She hasn’t made such great decisions so far. Besides, with Dexter and Deb both busy trying not to get caught, Harrison’s going to need a lot of looking after. Pay attention to the actual child, Jamie, not the grown man who acts like one.

Dexter floundered for a couple of seasons, but Season 7 brought it back to life, and Season 8 is shaping up to be the epic finale we’ve been waiting for. There are only 12 episodes left and, on Sunday, the end begins.

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