The Best Parodies of Disney Songs from Cartoons

Beauty and the BeastWalt Disney Pictures via Everett Collection

As much as we love Disney songs, we can’t help but hold in even higher esteem Disney song parodies. A variety of cartoons, like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and The Critic, have given us particularly favortable, irreverent send-ups of our favorite just-a-bit-too-earnest classics from Walt’s canon. Here are a few of the funniest, most clever, and all around catchiest Disney song parodies.

“See My Vest”

From: The Simpsons
A Parody of: “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast
Degree of Genius: High. Mr. Burns embracing the classic Disney showstopper to celebrate his love of animal furs is terrific macabre comedy.

“I Need a Jew”

From: Family Guy 
A Parody of: “When You Wish Upon a Star” from Pinocchio
Degree of Genius: Admittedly pretty clever, considering the fact that it’s one long joke about Jewish stereotypes.

“Beauty and King Dork”

From: The Critic
A Parody of: The title song from Beauty and the Beast
Degree of Genius: It’s a quick one, but the inclusion of singing dust busters, a Mork and Mindy reference, and Jay Sherman’s attempts to cover up the embarrassing lyrics make for one of the best gags on the list.

“Just the Same Old Heroine”

From: Animaniacs
A Parody of: “Just Across the River Bend” from Pocahontas
Degree of Genius: Yes, it’s a show directed at children, but it is easily the most biting, articulate satires of the Disney formula of the lot.

“Duff Beer for You, Duff Beer for Me”

From: The Simpsons
A Parody of:“It’s a Small World”
Degree of Genius: Well, it does accurately capture how horrifying and haunting that song is.

“The Surprises in Life”

From: Animaniacs
A Parody of: “Circle of Life” from The Lion King
Degree of Genius: As much a chronicling of man’s inevitable existential crises as it is a Disney song parody, this one is just as likely to make you cry as it is to make you laugh. Deep stuff.

“It’s a Wonderful Day for Pie”

From: Family Guy
A Parody of: Disney schmaltz in general
Degree of Genius: Catchy, but not quite up to par with the likes of its peers.

“Up There”

From: The South Park movie
A Parody of: “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid
Degree of Genius: True, this is a far looser parody than the others on the list, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone nail the tone and style of the Disney “I Want” number in general. And it’s sung by Satan, so that makes things all the sweeter.