Does ‘Person of Interest’ Have Too Many Balls in the Air?

Person of Interest, Jim Caviezel and Michael EmersonCBS Television Network

On a recent episode of Person of Interest, we saw a terrorist, whose plan was thwarted by Harold Finch, promise that he would get vengeance on the ingenious gero. Finch might as well have told him to “join the club,” since an ever growing number of bad people want to end his life. As such, we wonder if the show is piling on too many of them to the point of it becoming way too convoluted.

The most recent episode was actually a flashback that showed how the bespectacled billionaire operated before he recruited John Reese. It was a fascinating hour that actually had ties to many of the current people on the show, and didn’t add a new bad guy to the list of people that would like to see the two vigilantes dead. In this way, it was a rarity among Person of Interest episodes of late. 

Who are all the nefarious scoundrels who want Finch and Reese out of the picture? Well, there are the privacy zealots, Vigilance, members of the shadow government, and another reclusive rich man that seeks to destroy Finch and gain control of the Machine. While Jonathan Nolan has done a fantastic job of writing a fascinating world for his characters, it’s not unfounded to wonder if too many balls may have been tossed in the air. A couple may break if they land too soon.

Instead of weaving in new bad guys on top of new bad guys, Person of Interest needs to pay more focus to the ones already in play. Most fascinating among them: Root. Let’s not forget, out of this whole rogues gallery, Root is the biggest wildcard of them all. Sure, she’s been a huge asset to the team of late, rescuing them a couple of times with her dual-pistol-wielding entrances, but it’s also very clear she has her own agenda. Her first interaction with them involved kidnapping Finch and subjecting him to watching her kill at least one person. She could very well switch back to being on the side of the devils.

If Person of Interest can set aside its fixation on building up Finch’s enemies list, it might be able to give better and more thorough stories to its existing baddies.