Queer on Queer Comedy: Kate McKinnon Nails the Sisters

Kate McKinnon as EllenTheEllenShow/YouTube

Face it: ghetto humor is hilarious. Fully dimensional and awash in affectionate familiarity, there is nothing funnier than when members of marginalized communities make fun of ourselves.

As an observer, Kate McKinnon’s sense of character is 100% laser sharp. But the first out lesbian SNL cast member is never more right on than when she brings her insider’s ear to her impressions of celesbrians. McKinnon looks right past Ellen’s vocal cadence to a pitch-perfect rendering of her self-deprecating physicality. Her Jane Lynch nails the ironic confidence that is the underpinning of her sly Amazonian charm. And her Jodie Foster was so wickedly on point, it has been scrubbed from the Internet.

Thank you, SNL, for helping us peer through one of the less obvious scrims in the comedy scene. And more please, sister McKinnon. Keep it comin’.