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Drew Barrymore Laughs at Her Golden Globes Breast Gaffe

Drew Barrymore poked fun at her Golden Globe wardrobe malfunction on Saturday Night Live on Saturday when she appeared unannounced wearing huge fake breasts.

The actress didn’t wear a bra when she took the stage to present a Golden Globe last Monday, and excited TV viewers could clearly see her breasts through her green top.

And when Saturday Night Live regular Tina Fey poked fun at Barrymore on the Weekend Update section of the show, joking that the actress “arrived with two Golden Globes of her own,” the Charlie’s Angels star had a little fun at her own expense.

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Wearing a pair of huge, drooping breasts, she stepped out in front of the live studio audience, and quipped, “I can’t believe you guys are making fun of me. Don’t you guys know it’s not cool to make jokes about women’s bodies?”

Barrymore went on to juggle her fake breasts as she jokingly lectured, “You guys are supposed to be feminists and you’re supposed to be all pro-lady. I am totally disappointed in you.”

The actress raised more laughs as she prodded one of her huge breasts into Weekend Update co-anchor Amy Poehler‘s face, and hung another over Fey‘s shoulder.

The comedy newswomen then agreed a truce with Barrymore—by shaking her false breasts.

The actress was on the show supporting boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti, who was performing with the program’s musical guests, The Strokes.

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