DVR Me – ‘Mom,’ Dads, and Psychic New Yawkers

The fall season is in full swing, meaning the networks have already begun to hack away at their newbie lineups. Luckily, these five shows – some new, some old, some just downright ridiculous – have managed to stick around. Here’s what you need to be recording this week.

Discovery Communications

Long Island Medium, TLC
Who on earth is watching this show? Turns out a ton of people, because last week’s episode, where viewers tweeted live for a chance to win a reading with the show’s star, Theresa Caputo, was the most watched program on cable. Just about every serious-minded skeptic on the planet has discounted Caputo’s fortune telling methods, but that clearly has not stopped anyone from watching. Why would they, after all? It’s on TV! New episodes of Long Island Medium air Sunday at 9:30 PM ET on TLC.

Cops, Spike TV
Guess what? Cops is still on the air! The creators of this long-laughed-at symbol of America’s obsession with law and order (i.e. guns) aren’t as well known as say a Matt Groening or Dick Wolf. But hey, 26 seasons into and people still continue to watch. That says something right? New episodes of Cops air Saturday at 8 PM ET on Spike TV.


Mom, CBS
It seems like everything super-showrunner Chuck Lorre touches turns to gold, which is why his new comedy Mom, starring Allison Janney and Anna Faris, debuted with much promise. Your schedule may be too overbooked to fit this one in but that should not be a problem if you load up extra episodes on your DVR. It isn’t going anywhere after all – I think it’s written into Lorre’s contract that all his shows must run for a minimum of 15 seasons. Yeah, the dude has that much clout. Mom airs Mondays at 9:30 PM ET on CBS.


Modern Dads, A&E
With all these shows about real housewives, why not one about stay-at-home Dads? That’s basically the premise behind this A&E reality series about four proud (and unemployed) papas living in that hotbed of liberal progressivism, Austin, Texas. Because something tells me a show like this just would not work in a place like Dubuque, Iowa. Much love Buckeyes! Modern Dads  airs Mondays at 8 PM ET on A&E.


Tosh.O, Comedy Central
Daniel Tosh has made a lucrative career out of making fun of gross-out YouTube clips. This week he talks with a competitive eater, meaning you can expect there to be lots of vomit as well as some racy, over-the-top laughs. As the old saying goes, give the people what they want! New episodes of Tosh.O air Wednesday at 10 PM ET on Comedy Central.