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Dwayne Johnson, Khloe Kardashian cameo in 30 Rock reunion special

Dwayne Johnson and Khloe Kardashian both made surprise appearances on Thursday (July 16, 2020) night’s 30 Rock reunion special.

The one-time reunion special saw stars including Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin reunite more than seven years since the NBC sitcom aired its series finale, and give fans a glimpse at how its celebrated characters have grown since the show came to an end.

While the special also served as NBC’s upfronts presentation, specifically meant to promote the network’s upcoming season of shows, as well as its new streaming platform, Peacock, writers made the double-function appear seamless throughout the hour-long installment.

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In the episode, Jack Donaghy (Baldwin) calls Liz Lemon (Fey) to tell her there’s a possibility her old sketch comedy series, TGS, might have a chance at a reboot on Peacock – if they can sell the idea to NBC President Kenneth Parcell, played by Jack McBrayer.

Khloe and Modern Family star Sofia Vergara both play possible candidates for roles throughout the episode, appearing via video link, while Dwayne and Al Roker appear as friends of Kenneth, also showing up remotely.

Andy Samberg, Ted Danson, and Mandy Moore also appeared in the episode, which was a hit with fans and the stars of the series alike.

Speaking in a recent interview, Tina gushed: “It was very special and very heartwarming to be able to do what we used to do and to be safe doing it. I look forward to these baby steps for other people being able to get back to work soon.”

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