Emmys 2014: How Was Seth Meyers’ Opening Monologue?

Seth Meyers, EmmysNBC

With experience on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update and NBC’s Late Night, Seth Meyers wasn’t going into the 2014 Emmy Awards’ opening monologue as a greenhorn. Unsurprisingly, the perpetually chipper Meyers delivered a traditional, relatively tame, but consistently funny opener, cracking wise for the most part at networks… primarily his own (and the host of the Emmys ceremony) NBC.

Some of Meyers’ strongest jabs targeted the organization’s mislabeling of certain programs (“You had comedies that made you laugh and comedies that made you cry… because they were dramas submitted as comedies.”), the ending to How I Met Your Mother (“Sorry kids. Jesse Pinkman lived. Dexter lived. But your mother didn’t make it.”), and the notoriety afforded to the conservative-leaning Duck Dynasty (“This season, Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV show, and Duck Dynasty was the most VCR taped.”).

Although Meyers may never be as inflammatory as the likes of the divisive Ricky Gervais, as invigorating as his old partners in crime Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (the unofficial kingpins of today’s awards show game), or as dazzling a showman as trade legend Neil Patrick Harris, he is a reliabley enjoyable performer who knows his way around a joke. An all around delightful monologue from Seth, as per expectation.