‘Entourage’ Recap: Ep. 3

10:01: Vince had a wee bit too much to drink the previous night, and Turtle makes the rare astute observation, which is also true for us viewers: We’ve never seen Vince with a hangover! It really is a season of firsts for him.

10:02: Johnny Drama is amped and ready to go for a taping of The View at Caesar’s Palace. Then Turtle mentions the ‘B’ word: breakup. Suddenly Johnny looks like a wounded puppy–which, let’s face it, he has been since the split two episodes ago. Luckily he’s decided to “postpone” his depression until later. Always a smart choice.

10:03: Ari and Eric play-fight over the script for Smoke Jumpers. There really needs to be an episode in which they actually fight already. (Eric would win with ease, of course–he’s scrappy!)

10:06: Eric explains to L.B. (Lukas Haas)–and Entourage viewers–what a 100-against-300 deal means in movie-industry terms, but L.B. is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, which begs the question: How did he co-write Smoke Jumpers? Nick (Giovanni Ribisi), meanwhile, isn’t so thrilled with the prospective deal and tells E to “make it happen.” Uh-oh, could he be this season’s Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro)?

10:07: Vince is pitched Benji (as in the dog). Translation: He is so stuck in movie jail!

10:10: Drama and his young Five Towns costars are on The View, and…Whoopi’s in shorts. Nooooooo!

10:12: Turns out the crafty View ladies are staging an ex-girlfriend intervention of sorts for Johnny, during which he begs Jacqueline (Julia Levy-Boeken) to come back. It ends with possibly the greatest one-word utterance in Entourage’s history, a word whose context is only known by Johnny and Jacqueline: “Tweet.” Johnny then storms off the stage, and Shauna’s (Debi Mazar) none too pleased. What else is new?

10:14: Know who else isn’t ecstatic? Amanda (Carla Gugino). She thinks E is screwing her over, and rightly so. She and E exchange unpleasantries before E calls her “a cold bitch.”

10:16: Drama’s drinking and disrobing in the back of a car–which has ‘publicity nightmare’ written all over it…

10:18: Ari and E hug it out after a Smoke Jumpers deal appears to be in place. Then comes the dreaded cell phone call, which in Entourage speak means trouble. Nick is once again displeased with the terms of the deal Eric has struck, but he goes along with it (although his reluctance definitely hints at something bad or dealbreaker-y in a future episode).

10:20: Drama drama! He’s been arrested, presumably for the public drunkenness he had begun to display in the scene prior.

10:21: Another cell phone call for Eric, and this is the typical “Oh, s**t” call that ends the episode. It’s Amanda; Allen Gray (Paul Ben-Victor)–aka Vince and Ari’s archenemy from Paramount–is now involved in the Smoke Jumpers bidding war. Cut to Eric putting on his deer-in-the-headlights face, which has really improved since last season.

10:23: Previews for next week: The gang heads to Joshua Tree, where they will apparently be meeting up with Eric Roberts (whose enjoying his umpteenth comeback; he also somehow starred in The Dark Knight). Vince will also evidently reconsider the Benji project under the influence of some sort of hallucinogen.