Even Stevens cast reunite for 20th anniversary special

Christy-Carlson-Romano_The-Christmas-Chronicles-Premiere_2018The cast of Even Stevens has reunited for a virtual reunion special to mark the show’s 20th anniversary.

Stars of the series, which aired on the Disney Channel from 2000 and 2003, took part in the online gathering over the conferencing platform Zoom on Wednesday (June 17, 2020), and Christy Carlson Romano, Tom Virtue and Nick Spano all showed up to reminisce. Shia LaBeouf, who also appeared on the show, did not attend, with Spano sharing that he was contacted for the event but was unable to call in.

During the sit-down, David Grace, a producer on the original series, discussed LaBeouf’s turn in the semi-autobiographical 2019 film Honey Boy.

Grace has a cameo in the drama, appearing as a version of himself who is working on a children’s TV show. And while the production appears to show life on the set of the series in a negative light, Grace insists the film does not take inspiration from the Even Stevens set, noting, “There was nothing but a great sense of community and family on Even Stevens.”

Watch the cast and crew catch up here:

The cast reunion isn’t the first to take place during the coronavirus lockdown – the stars of Parks And Recreation, Community, and The Nanny, among others, have also reunited in recent weeks.