Every ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fan Needs This Amazing Monthly Subscription Box


Move over Graze, we don’t have any time for a healthy snack monthly subscription. Life is too short to eat thumb-sized granola bars. You know what we want to do? We want to Netflix and chill. We want to binge-watch Gilmore Girls and eat ice cream from the pint, and finally, we’ve found the perfect monthly subscription box for it.

Stars Hollow Monthly is like Birchbox or Graze but for Gilmore Girls fans. All the goodies are Gilmore Girls-themed. Each package includes three to five different things that have something to do with our favorite mother-daughter duo.

The package was created by LitCube, a monthly subscription service that sends out gift boxes based on novels. In the past, they’ve done Alice In Wonderland and Wuthering Heights boxes, but this is the first time they’ve ever done a Stars Hollow Monthly.

Check out some of the great goodies that were sent in the first box.

stars hollow4

The company has also teased the box with these cute mugs. Look at this classic diner mug from Luke’s (hopefully filled with fresh black coffee that keeps on refilling itself).

stars hollow3

How adorable, right?

stars hollow1

The box can include anything from t-shirts and jewelry to beauty accessories, home accessories and Rory-approved books. This is everything a Gilmore Girls fan could possibly want, and we’re currently mourning the impact this will have on our bank account.

Supplies are limited because Gilmore Girls fans are fierce breed, and there are a lot of us. If you want to snag a box, LitCube is opening up subscriptions again on July 24th.